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"Anaba" Jon Koko

Althe Artist Residency, jointly produced by Vacant/Centre and Roche Projects is delighted to introduce our second resident artist, Jon Koko, who will debut his exhibition titled "Anaba/穴場" on February 3rd. Koko, who is usually based in Malmö, Sweden, is a frequent visitor to Japan. He brings a unique perspective to his first showcase, deeply influenced by the country's rich culture and scenery.

Discover Koko’s artistic journey through "Anaba," which translates to "a good place not yet known by others" in Japanese, where delicate sculptures and ethereal ink traces represent his daily discoveries. From architectural encounters to the subtleties of Japanese washi paper, Koko’s work encapsulates the joy of exploration and compassion.

Jon Koko

Jon Koko (b. 1988 Malmö, Sweden) gracefully integrates his travel memories and keen worldly observations into dreamy landscapes, employing a serene Scandinavian color palette and minimalist shapes to evoke tranquility and simplicity. His profound fascination with Eastern culture, especially Japanese philosophy and aesthetics, imbues his creations with a captivating and profound essence, endowing them with richness and significance.

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