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12/Jon Koko

12/Jon Koko


今年2023年にVacantとRoche Projectsが共同でスタートした、アーティスト・イン・レジデンスプログラム"Althe Artist Residency"の第二回目のアーティストはスウェーデン出身、現在はマルメで制作を行うJon Koko(ヨン・ココ)。

Jon Koko, a Swedish artist currently working in Malmö, is the second artist in the "Althe Artist Residency", an artist-in-residence programme initiated jointly by Vacant and Roche Projects for the year 2023.
His delicate, subtle touch creates landscapes that seem to reflect the world of fables. His love of Japan and Japanese culture is evident in every detail of his work. In recent years, he has been concentrating on his 'Architectural Sculpture' series, in which he creates buildings, cars and other objects mainly out of paper.
Twelve of his paintings and sculptures have been printed on cards, each one in a box with the artist's own title engraved on it.


展覧会情報/Exhibition Info:

  • “12” Jon Koko/ヨン・ココ

    ¥3,300 (¥3,000+tax)

    148.5 x 117 mm

    Published by Vacant
    Limited 200 copies (限定200部)

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