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Vacant/Edition #1

Vacant/Edition #1


Vacant/Editionは東京・代々木八幡を拠点に活動する、Vacantの日々の営みをアーカイブしながら、新たに掲げる〈文化空間学/Cultural Placeology〉について考察を深めていくための出版物で、今後不定期に発行を続けていく予定です。




Vacant publishes the archive book 'Vacant/Edition'.

Vacant/Edition is a publication that will continue to be issued on an irregular basis, archiving the daily activities of Vacant, which is based in Yoyogi-Hachiman, Tokyo, and deepening its consideration of its new concept of 'Cultural Placeology'.


The first issue, entitled 'Placeology', contains an essay that serves as a starting point for 'Cultural Placeology', as well as interview articles and archives of past exhibitions at Vacant.


V/E #1 『場のはじまり/Placeology』


Ⅰ. 文化空間学 #1 「空間と場」| Cultural Placeology #1 “Space and Place”

 永井祐介  Yusuke Nagai


Ⅱ. 救いの編まれる場―文化空間学をめぐって | Where Relief is Weaved: On Studies of Cultural Placeology

 渡辺文  Fumi Watanabe


Ⅲ. 空く | Su-ku 

 明主航  Wataru Myosyu


Ⅳ. 言葉を探して | Looking for Words

 佐内正史  Masafumi Sanai


Ⅴ. Heavymetal

 永井誠治  Seiji Nagai


Ⅵ. Strata #2―路の途上で | In the Road

 三好耕三  Kozo Miyoshi


Ⅶ. Aftertime

 マグダレナ・スクピンスカ  Magdalena Skupinska



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  • "Vacant/Edition #1"


    ¥2,800 (+tax)  

    114x185mm 144p



    Published by Vacant

  • 現在Vacant/Editionは全国配送料無料でお届けします。

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