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"廻(み)る/Around" 明主航/Wataru Myosyu

2024.03.15 Fri - 04.07 sun 13:00-18:00
金土日のみオープン/Open Fri - Sun
at Vacant/Centre
入場無料/Admission Free





We are pleased to announce the exhibition of the ceramic artist, Wataru Myosyu, a native of Kameoka, Kyoto, who continues to work in the same area, and is our second solo-exhibition with him since we last presented his works in 2023.

In recent years, the artist has produced a series of box-shaped works and 'Hakkoku' vessels using the technique of 'mould making'. When using moulds, the artist incorporates various contingencies into the process, such as the multiplication of materials, the sanding required to remove them from the moulds, and the painstaking finishing process, resulting in works that are completely different from one another.

The surface of the work is not covered with glaze, bringing a presence of a natural object made of clay, stone and sand, and the numerous microscopic holes in the ceramic are not blocked, creating the work to be in the state of 'breathing'. This is an expression of the artist's awareness of the space in which the work is placed and his concern to be part of the 'flow' of the space.

Created with an awareness of existence in the great circulation of materials, including soil, people and places - what kind of gaze will the works give us this time?


明主 航/Wataru Myosyu

1990年京都府生まれ。現在出身地の亀岡にて作陶を行う。近年の展示に『漆喰箱写し』(2022) tonoto/京都、『匣』(2022) 水犀/東京、『空く/Suku』(2023) Vacant/Centre/東京、『To Look Again』(2023) Atelier Éditions/LAなど。

Born in Kyoto, Japan in 1990. Currently lives and works in his home town of Kameoka. His solo exhibitions include, Shikkuibako Utsu-shi, tonoto (Kyoto, 2022) ,Hako, Mizusai (Tokyo, 2022), Suku, Vacant/Centre (Tokyo, 2023) and To Look Again, Atelier Éditions (LA, 2023).


Film&Edit: Yusuke Nagai(Vacant)

【前回の展示詳細/The Last Exhibition】
明主航/Wataru Myosyu
2023.3.4 sat -26 sun
at Vacant/Centre
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