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白涍園 / Hyoweon Baek

1991年韓国・ソウル生まれ。2011年に来日し、武蔵野美術大学大学院造形研究科を卒業。現在は東京と韓国を拠点に活動。これまでの個展「BAROQUE」AL (東京, 2019)、「dialogue」AL(東京, 2017)。グループ展「Silent Resonance」Galerie Lulla(LA, 2023)、「The Organic Society of Lines and Colors Chapter 1」UNDER the PALMO(神奈川, 2020)など。

Born 1991 in Seoul, South Korea, she came to Japan in 2011 and graduated from the Musashino Art University. Currently based in Tokyo and South Korea. Previous solo exhibitions include 'BAROQUE' AL (Tokyo, 2019) and 'dialogue' AL (Tokyo, 2017). Group exhibitions include 'Silent Resonance' Galerie Lulla (LA, 2023) and 'The Organic Society of Lines and Colours Chapter 1' UNDER the PALMO (Kanagawa, 2020).

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