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Afghan rugs are considered as one of the traditional crafts that are of the greatest antiquity in Afghanistan. While the techniques of this particular rug making have been handed down over 2,500 years, a group of craftspersons decided to employ motifs of the decade of the war in Afghanistan (1978-1988) in its designs, making it possible to create unprecedentedly unique patterns by expressing the cruelty of the war through the eyes of the Afghan people, the affluent nature of the land and the changes of the time.

Those unique rugs - with the motifs of colorful deformed guns and caterpillars, cities and nature - were initially made for private purchases. However, as the value as a artistic/historical material started to receive recognition, the rare and wonderful rugs now attracts a number of collectors all over the world. Uniquely imported by Vacant, our items in the ’Outta Rugs’ series are all one of a kind.



カラフルにデフォルメされた銃器や戦車をはじめ、都市や自然の風景などそれぞれに個性豊かなこのラグは、当初個人的な用途のためにつくられていたものですが、その芸術的/歴史的価値を見出され、いまや世界中に多のコレクターを持つ希少性の高いプロダクトです。VACANTが独自にセレクト/インポートした"OUTTA RUGS"シリーズ、全て一点モノとなっています。

#65 ‘Winter Traffics'

Mosques, skyscrapers & monster traffic jams. Welcome to my utopia.


-890 × 1540 mm / wool 100% / Made in Afghanistan

#66 ‘822nd Avenue'

Cars could flip on the 822nd Avenue.


-870 × 1510 mm / wool 100% / Made in Afghanistan

#67 ‘Multicolored Pilgrim'

Back to my memories of pilgrimage on the couch.


-930 × 1630 mm / wool 100% / Made in Afghanistan

#68 ‘Counting My Favorite Animals'

Come on cuties, be my dudes.


-705 × 1235 mm / wool 100% / Made in Afghanistan

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