Kota Aoyama "TANZ"

2017.12.02 - 25 12:00-20:00 at VACANT/GALLERY Entrance Free

*Opening Reception: 12.01 fri 18:00-20:00




We are pleased to present the first exhibition "TANZ" by Kota Aoyama at VACANT, opening on December 2, 2017.

Aoyama has been designing custom furniture and interior for shops and private clients. He has gained immense trust from the industry individuals with exquisite taste with his beautiful products made by those with refined taste and solid techniques.

For his first exhibition, he created a series of sculpture made of brass entitled “TANZ”, which means 'dance' in German. The perfectly balanced geometric object 'dances' as a 'device', which brings awareness to the power of gravity and wind in which we may not realize in our daily lives. While this series of work is inspired by Kinetic Art, Aoyama's pursuit of metal texture using his craft technique gives a more delicate formative design, creating an universal feeling like an ancient artifact with its poetic posture.


青山幸太 (あおやまこうた)

「青作舍」代表。『EXIT METAL WORK SUPPLY』を経て独立。



主催:VACANT 共催:青作舎

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