Kristin Loschert "Boxer" VACANT VERNACULAR PROJECT #01 Feb 19 – Mar 20, 2016 12:00-20:00 / Close Mondays at VACANT/GALLERY Entrance Free


2013 年制作の「Boxer」では、西南ドイツの町ユーターボークのスポーツクラブにあるボクシングジムを撮影。ドイツ民主共和国時代にはあまねく知られたというその建造物も、今では荒廃化の一途を辿るが、それでもなお、ボクシングの修行を積みにその門戸を叩く若者は少なくない。ロチャートは、この場所と若者たちの顔に浮かぶ表情、そしてその空間に散りばめられた細かな要素と動作の数々を丁寧に見つめることで、ボクシングが織りなす単なる競技の熱気とは別のなにかを解読しようと試みている。無骨さ、自己超越(ファイティングポーズ)、脆さ、優しさは、それぞれ全く別物に見えるが、実は表裏一体の関係にある。ロチャートの写真には、彼女が「観察」を通して見た時代錯誤なジムとボクサーの姿が、その物理的な存在を超えて映し出されている。


Kristin Loschert realizes her work through her own approach towards photographic materials, by employing photography—which is but one method of perceiving fragments of this world—to capture, describe and narrate the things between reality and fantasy, or what lies beyond, and to pursue the power of such essence, through a combination of analog prints and techniques in development processes. Through a desire that was onset by her personal interest, Loschert often embarks on her projects with search for, and continuous observation of the world that had never crossed her life though it might hold hints to her sensibility, sentiment and perception. In the ‘Boxer’ series, she visits and photographs a boxing gym situation in Jüterbog, Brandenburg, Germany. Formally well known in the time of German Democratic Republic, the building is now falling into disrepair. Despite of this situation, however, there are still a number of young boys and girls who visit there wishing to receive training in boxing. By observing the various minute elements and movements that are inlaid in the location and the youth, Loschert attempts to read an essence of something that lies beyond the sports boxing itself. Roughness, self-transcendence (boxing gesture), fragility, and tenderness stand next to each other. Transcending the physical existence of the gym, Loschert’s photographs convey the portraits of the young boxers and the place where she sees the anachronistic traits of her objects.

VACANT VERNACULAR は、都市とアーティスト、そしてオーディエンスの関係を巡るアートプロジェクトです。





Vacant Vernacular is a project connecting the relationships between the cities, artists, and audiences. From the exhibitions and performances by artists from various cities around the world, we will explore the ‘vernacular’ aspects of their work and examine how the surrounding environment (markets, galleries, museums, production/presentation spaces, communities, social systems, political conditions) influences the artists themselves. We will study the ideal relationships between a city and its residents in the age to come, through workshops, fieldworks and discussions with these artists, and explore ways to create and practice that environment here in Tokyo. Through this project, we will seek for the vision of Tokyo as a world-class art city, a place where the city, artists, and we the audience mutually stimulate one another.


Organizer: VACANT

Sponsor: Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture) Support: Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, GRIDE

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