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Private Viewing/Magdalena Skupinska


Please join us at 6pm on May 2nd to celebrate the opening of the Althe Artist Residency's first exhibition "Aftertime" with works by Magdalena Skupinska. We will be serving refreshments at 6pm until 8pm. 【開催日時/Dates&Hours】 2023.5.2 tue 14:00-20:00 (Casual Drink 18:00-20:00) 【入場時間枠/Admission Times】 ①14:00-15:00 ②15:00-16:00 ③16:00-17:00 ④17:00-18:00 ⑤18:00-19:00 ⑥19:00-20:00 【開催場所/Place】 Vacant/Centre 27-6 Motoyoyogicho Shibuya Tokyo Please click the booking button and proceed to the screen for selecting your desired reservation time slot. 予約ボタンから、ご希望の予約時間帯選択画面にお進み下さい。

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