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Matters #2


Vacant Temporary Store


2023.07.14fri - 30sun

Fri, Sat&Sun 13:00-18:00


Please confirm the detailed time by going to the reservation page.

at Vacant/Centre

事前予約制/By Reservation Only

入場無料/Admission Free


*To make a booking, click on the button on the right.

"Matters"はVacant/Centreに不定期でオープンするテンポラリーストア。オリジナルプロダクト "Vacant/Multiple"をはじめとして、様々な「モノ/コト(Matters)」を扱い、どのような「場」が生み出されるかを思考/試行していきます。

Matters" is a temporary store that opens irregularly at Vacant/Centre. The store will feature a variety of “objects/idea (Matters)," including our original product "Vacant/Multiple," and will practice what kind of "place" will be created.


The store will feature new small box artworks and a series of vessels, Hakkoku, by Wataru Myosyu, whose exhibition was held in March this year.


*Please note that the exhibition may close earlier than planned depending on the sales of the works.

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