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Matters #1


Vacant Temporary Store



Fri, Sat&Sun 13:00-18:00


Please confirm the detailed time by going to the reservation page.

at Vacant/Centre

事前予約制/By Reservation Only

入場無料/Admission Free





2023.04.08sat / 15:00-17:00


at Vacant/Centre

事前予約制/By Reservation Only

入場料/Admission fee:¥2,000


"Matters"はVacant/Centreに不定期でオープンするテンポラリーストア。オリジナルプロダクト "Vacant/Multiple"をはじめとして、様々な「モノ/コト(Matters)」を扱い、どのような「場」が生み出されるかを思考/試行していきます。

初回となる今回は、インディペンデント雑誌『NEUTRAL COLORS』との協働で、「和紙」をテーマに和紙職人・千田崇統さんと『デザインのひきだし』編集長である津田淳子さんを迎えたトークを初日に開催。会期中は会場で千田さんの和紙作品やヴィンテージコレクションの展示、NEUTRAL COLORSオリジナル和紙をつかったプロダクトの販売も行います。

Matters" is a temporary store that opens irregularly at Vacant/Centre. The store will feature a variety of “objects/idea (Matters)," including our original product "Vacant/Multiple," and will practice what kind of "place" will be created.

On the first day of the event, a talk session will be held in collaboration with the independent magazine "NEUTRAL COLORS" on the theme of "Washi" featuring Washi craftsman, Takanori Senda and Junko Tsuda, editor-in-chief of "Design no Hikidashi". Washi works and vintage collections will be exhibited at the space during the exhibition period, and products using NEUTRAL COLORS' original washi paper will be on sale.






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