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"つきあかり/Under the Moonlight"


 "つくることは旅をすることであり、つくる人は旅人なのだ" ー『メイキング 人類学・考古学・芸術・建築』ティム・インゴルド


 山の端に われも入りなむ 月も入れ 夜な夜なごとに また友とせむ





(Vacant Virtual Voice/February '23)

Whenever I find a passage that interests me in my daily reading, I print it out on the copier, mark it, and bind it in a file. In the last year, I have accumulated about 250 pages in my file. It is interesting to flip through the pages, as if I am retracing the footsteps of my thoughts. I read this in a book exactly one year ago:

Making is a journey, and the maker is the traveler. -"Making: Anthropology, Archaeology, Art, and Architecture" Tim Ingold

What comes to mind is the sight of the landscape melting and flowing outside the train window. The image of a traveler walking along a rugged mountain road, face down, with a cane. I also recall the moon I saw while lying on a night train in Serbia when I was a teenager. I was unable to sleep because of the uncertainty of when the train would arrive at the destination station, and the moon in the sky was the only person to whom I could attach my heart.

I shall go behind the mountain. Go there too, O moon.

Night after night we shall keep each other company As in this poem written by Myōe , a monk of the Kamakura period, the moon became my friend at that time and quietly accompanied me on my lonely journey.

"Making" also comes with anxiety. Without using a guide map, we proceeded in a land where we did not understand the language, relying on the few landmarks we could find. Often we lost sight of our destination and were at a loss. When they finally arrive at their destination, we do not always find what we were expecting.

Even so, we cannot stop making (traveling). The appeal of this process is beyond description, but I would like to express about it in various ways without giving up. At the same time, I would like to find a benchmark for myself so that I can eliminate my own doubts and walk firmly on the soil. Like the moon floating in the night sky that day.

This year, as I deepen my own "making," I will collaborate with "makers" whom I respect and admire, and create various places. I would be happy if you would accompany me as my traveling companion.

(Vacant Virtual Voice/February '23)



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