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Cultural Think Tank Japan

© Kozo Miyoshi

ATLA is an art collective think tank dedicated to researching, developing, and archiving the beauty and diversity of Japanese culture. With the primary goal of communicating the importance of culture as a fundamental part of our lives, ATLA collaborates with a wide range of individuals and organizations involved in culture and aims to engage in a wide range of activities, both for-profit and non-profit.

The name "ATLA" comes from the ancient Japanese word "atara," which means "so beautiful that it is a shame not to treat it in a way that is appropriate to its value."  Japan has a wonderful culture, and while there are many media that share its values, the myriad of information scattered throughout the country makes it difficult to get a comprehensive picture of the culture. We are building a flexible and strong network that will replace cultural memories with records and visualize the relationship between each piece of information.





© 2022 ATLA

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