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Inaugural Exhibition


Garments and Objects

24 June - 8 July, 2023

Opening 24 June, 4-7pm

at Atelier Éditions

1545 W. Sunset Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA, 90026

ATLA is a multidisciplinary platform dedicated to researching, documenting, and developing products based on the beauty and diversity of Japanese culture. By revisiting its heritage and learning from ancient wisdom, ATLA offers to convey the importance of the culture that underlies our daily lives by translating authentic cultural insights into manufacturing projects, immersive installations, multimedia research initiatives, and experimental publications.


The name "ATLA" comes from the ancient Japanese word "atara," which means "so beautiful that it is a shame not to treat it in a way that is appropriate to its value."  We are building a flexible and robust network that will replace cultural memories with records and visualize the relationship between each piece of information.


©2023 ATLA

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