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ある空間を「場」へと変容させる、文化的な営みの考察と実践のため、2009年に東京・原宿にプロジェクトスペース「Vacant」をオープン。10年間の活動を経て2021年に新たな拠点「Vacant/Centre」を設立。Centre/Multiple/Worksを活動の軸として、多様な「場づくり」(=Place Design)を進める。

Project space “Vacant" opened in Harajuku Tokyo in 2009 by Yusuke Nagai, in attempt to transforming a space to a-place. After a decade, a new base "Vacant/Centre” was founded in 2021. Through Centre / Multiple / Works, the pursuit of 'Place Design' will continue to cultivate.




Centre is Vacant’s operational base located near Tokyo’s Yoyogi Hachimangu Shrine. Our 5-floor main building with a separate 2-floor building features multiple use spaces including Vacant’s studio, fostering various ‘places’. It’ll be accessible during opening days and events.


Multiple is Vacant’s original product label. From furniture, clothing, to small objects, they’re designed with the thoughts of the ‘place’ that emerge when used/worn/decorated. They’ll be mainly available through the irregular order reception, as well as a limited amount online.


Works is Vacant’s client work and other activities. In a cross-sectoral manner from space, product, graphic design, to curation tailored to each project, the aim is to compose a unique 'place'.



Yusuke Nagai

Born 1985 in Tokyo, leader of Vacant, founded the project space Vacant in Harajuku in 2009, which closed at the end of 2019, and established a new base, Vacant/Centre, in 2021 in Yoyogi-Hachiman, Tokyo. Works on all design and direction of Vacant.


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